Using the wizard to define a website (I)

We're now going to check an example of what data you need to introduce when you are editing a site with the assistants help to configure a remote site associated with the local.

Creating or editing a web site with the wizard


The window used to edit the sites can be visualized in two ways, it depends on which tab has been selected, the Basic tab or the Advanced tab.

We have already seen how to configure the local site through the Advanced tab, but to edit the remote site we're going to view through the Basics tab, which allows us to use the assistant and is easier.

The wizards first window permits us to assign a name to the site. In this case we have called it TutorialDreamweaver.


By clicking on the Next button you will go to the next window. In this window it is possible to specify a server technology. In this case we're not interested in choosing any technology, so we select the No option.


By clicking on the Next button you will go to the next window in which you need to specify the Local root folder .


Three other additional options are offered at the time of working with the archives. It's recomendable to select the first of these options, because it allows the making of tests in the local site without affecting the function of the Page already published on the web. At the same time it's always easier to undo the changes, and to save an older copy in the server in case of having any trouble with our archives. In addition to this it allows us to work whilst staying offline.

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