Customizing the work area (II)

Grouping panels


To facilitate the organization of the floating panels it's possible to connect them to the right or left of the work area, in a group of panels.

In order to move a panel, or to connect it or to disconnect it from a group of panels, it's necessary only to click on the zone of points that is next to the name of the panel, and to maintain the mouse depressed while you drag the panel towards the desired place.

It is possible to show or hide the groups of panels by clicking on the button.

You can also show or hide all the panels by pressing the F4 key, or through an option of the Window menu.

When you hide the panels you increase the area of the work window, this is the reason why these options are very useful.

Change the panel's preferences


It's possible to change some options that affect the appearance, general behavior and other types of functions of Dreamweaver. For this it is necessary to go to the Edit menu, then to the Preferences option.

The preferences window can be accessed by pressing the Ctrl+U shortcut keys .

In this new window first select a category. In this case we select Panels.

In this category it's possible, in the first place, to specify what panels will float over the work window as they will be able to be hidden by this one.

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