Unit 7. Queries (III)

Saving the query


We can Save the query

clicking on the button on the toolbar,


Selecting the Save option from the File menu.

If it is the first time we are saving the query a dialogue box will appear to give it a name.

Any name can be given except for the name of an existing table.

Next click on the OK button.

To close the query click on the button.


Running a query


We can run the query from the Query design window or from the Database window.

From the Database window:

Firstly select the query to run by clicking on it.

Next click on the button in the database window.

From the design view of the query:

Click on the button on the toolbar.

When the query is a select query, we can also click on button (Datasheet view)

When we are visualizing the result of a query, what we are really seeing is that part of the table which has complied with specific criteria, and so if we edit any data in the query that appears, we will be editing the data in the table (except for a few queries which do not permit updates).


To practice you can perform the Step by step exercise Creating simple queries.


Modifying the query design


If we want to modify the design of a query:

Situate yourself in the Database window, in the Queries object,

Select the query you want to modify by clicking on it.

Click on the button.



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