Unit 2. Create, open and close a Database (II)

Closing a database.


A database can be closed in various ways:

Go to the File menu and select the Close option .

Or click on the Close button in the Database window.

If we also want to close the Access session choose the option Exit fromFile menu or click on the close button in the title bar.


Opening a database.


There exist three different ways to open a database.

From the menu bar:

Go to the File menu.

Choose the Open... option.

From the toolbar:

Click on the Open button on the toolbar.


From the task pane:

In Open section the last databases opened will appear and the option More...

To open one of the databases that appears click on its name, else select the option More... ????

In either of the previous three cases the Open dialogue box will appear.

Select the folder in which the database we want to open is.

To open the folder double click on it.

On opening a folder, it will be situated in the top Look in: box, and now in the bottom box all the information on this folder will appear.

Click on the database name to place its name in the File name: box and click on the Open button.

Or simply double click on the database name and it opens directly.


Another way of opening a database consists in using the list of previousely opened databases.

At the end of the drop down menu of the File option on the menu bar appears a list with the last opened databases.

This list also appears in the task pane as we mentioned earlier.

To open a document double click on its name in the list.

The first document on the list is the last one opened.

This way of opening a database is most commonly used as we normally work with the same database always.




To practice the concepts explained in this unit perform the Creating a database exercise.

  Unit 2 exercise.

  Unit 2 evaluation test.


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