Unit 12. Reports (II)


In this screen we can choose to sort the fields into up to four sort fields. We select the field by which we choose to sort the records that will appear in the report and whether we want it in ascending or descending order, in order to select descending we click on the Ascending button and it will change to Descending.

We can select a different order in each of the sort fields.

This screen also allows us to add totals in an almost automatic way, if we want to add lines of totals we need to click on the button and the Summary options dialogue box will appear:

A list of the numeric fields that we have in the repot will appear in the dialogue box, and also the summary functions that can be selected to calculate some total. In order for the sum of a field to appear we only need to select the box in the Sum column found in the field row. We can select various totals in this way.

If we activate Detail and summary in the Show section, the lines of details (the source records) will appear as well as the lines of totals. If we select the Summary only option the detail lines will not appear.

If we select the Calculate percent of total for sums box it will add a porcentage total that represents the calculated sum over the total of all the records. E.g if we aquire the sum of hours for a group, this porcentage will be the porcentage that represents the hours of the group within the total hours of all the groups.

Once we have filled in the corresponding options we click on the OK button to go to the wizards next screen.

To continue with the wizard we click on the Next> button and the following window will appear.


In this screen we select the type of data layout within the report. By selecting a distribution the aspect that the report will take with this distribution will appear in the diagram to the left.

In the Orientation section we can select from either a Portrait or a landscape printing (oblong).

With the Adjust the field width so all fields fit on a page the wizard will generate the fields in this way.

We then press the Next> button and the following screen will appear:

In this screen we select the type of style we would like our report to have, we can select from the various defined Access styles. By selecting a style the aspect that this report will take with this style will appear in the diagram to the left.

Once we have selected a style we click on the Next button and the wizards last screen will appear.



In this screen we are asked the title of the report which will also be the name asigned to the report.

Before clicking on the Next button we can choose>

Preview the report, in this case we will see the result of the report for the printing.

Modify the report's design, if we select this option the Form design window will appear where we can modify the aspect of the report.


To practice these operations you can perform the Step by step creating a report with the wizard..


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