Unit 4 Exercise Help. Modifying data tables.

Exercise 1: Distributer

In part 1 we will need to insert the data and in order to do this we need to open the Clients table in Datasheet view.

1 Open the database Cars.

2 Double click on the table named Clients to open it.

3 Write the data requested with exception to the last row.

As the last row is almost the same than the previous, we fill in it another way.

4 Select the client 860 row by clicking on the extreme left of the row, the file should stand out.

5 Press Ctrl+C (copy)

6 Select the first empty row by double clicking on it on the extreme left, the row should stand out.

7 Press Ctrl+V (paste). It will have copied the client 860 row.

Next we need to change the client's new code to 861.

8 Position yourself over the field and leave it in 861.

Note. If we try to exit the new row without changing the value a error message will appear informing us that the client code is already defined as the principal key, and that it is not possible for two clients to exist with the same code 860.


In part 2 record 4 needs to be modified (that which contains the client James Smith)

1 Go to the datasheet in the Clients table, if not already here.

Now we can go directly to the record to modify by clicking on the name and changing James for Antony, but first we will practice moving to a determined record.

2 Double click on the white box on the lower bar where the number of the current record appears.

3 Type the number of the record we would like to go to, 4.

4 Press Enter key.

Now we are in the desired record. As we want to change the name:

5 Press the RIGHT ARROW on the keyboard until the names remains selected.

6 Type the new name Antony.


In part 3 we want to delete the last record.


1 Click on any part of the record.

2 Click on the button or Del key.

3 Answer Yes



Exercise 2: Clinic


In part 1 the structure of the Patients table needs to be modified.

1 Open the Clinic database.

2 Go to the Design view of the Patients table, by selecting it and clicking on the button in the Database window.

To define the Patient code field as the primary key:

3 Click on the name of the field.

Hacer clic sobre el nombre del campo.

4 Click on the button on the toolbar.

To erase the Patient State field:

5 Click on the name of the field.

6 Click on the button on the toolbar.

7 Save the table by clicking on the button on the toolbar, and close it.


For the rest of the parts, follow the same instructions as in part 1.


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