Unit 9 evaluation test. Crosstab queries

There is only one correct answer to each question. Click on the answer you consider to be correct.

Answer all the questions and press the Revise button to see the answers.

If you press Reset you will be able to repeat the evaluation.

1. Crosstab queries can only be defined with the wizard.
a) True.

b) False.

2. In the central cells (intersection) we put a summary function as we would in a summary query.
a) True.

b) False.

3. If the header column is a datetime field, then the wizard permits me to group by year, by month, etc...
a) True.

b) False.

4. We can put various fields as row header.
a) True.

b) False.

5. We can put various fields as column header.
a) True.

b) False.

6. The button serves to...
a) ...create a new table.

b) ...start the cosstab query assistant.

c) Neither of the previous answers.

7. If we want to obtain a crosstab query in which one entry is the name of my students, and the other the three tests on a course.
a) ...select the student name as row header.

b) ...select the student name as column header.

c) ...its indifferent, select it as the row or column header.

8. Using the wizard, a crosstab query can have a source based on various tables...
a) ...no, never.

b) ...if we select the tables in the first window of the wizard.

c) ...only if I have a query based on these tables.

9. The wizard allows us to add a summary column that summarises the values of the columns generated by the column header for each row....
a) No.

b) ...if we check Yes, include row sums box.

c) ...if we uncheck Yes, include row sums box.

d) ...if I select the Total function when defining the central cells.

10. In the QBE grid of a crosstab query appears...
a) ...a Total: row and a Crosstab:row.

b) ...only a Total: row.

c) ...only a Crosstab: row.

d) All three answers are valid.


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