Unit 12 evaluation test. Reports

There is only one correct answer to each question. Click on the answer you consider to be correct.

Answer all the questions and press the Revise button to see the results.

If you press Reset you will be able to repeat the evaluation.

1. The Autoreport option allows us to open the wizard which will then ask us which fields we want to print
a) True.

b) False.

2. A report can be created from two or more tables.
a) True.

b) False.

3. We can add totals with the report's wizard.
a) True.

b) False.

4.We can include a report within another report.

a) True.

b) False.

5. We can include more than three grouping levels within a report.
a) True.

b) False.

6. The button serves to...
a) ..go from one record to another.

b) ...change the order of the records.

c) ...change the order of the groupings.

7. The icon serves to...
a) ...see the report closer (to zoom).

b) ...see the report in print preview.

c) ...look for a report.

8. We want to group by the first two letters of a field....
a) ...I can indicate this directly in grouping options.

b) ...it is necessary to use a function to get the first two letters.

c) It is not possible.

9. Reports are objects that allow us to:
a) Introduce data into the tables.

b) Print the data stored in the tables.

c) Both the previous answers are correct.

d) All three answers are false.

10. In a report one can include...
a) ...images stored outside of the database.

b) ... images only if they are stored in a table.

c) ...images can not be included.


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