Unit 7 exercises. Queries

If Access is not open, open it in order to be able to carry out the following exercises.


Exercise 1: Cars

1 Open the Cars database from My exercises folder.

2 Create a query to visualize only the License, Make, and Model of the Sold Cars, name it Sold cars query.

3 Edit the previous query and add the price, and only visualize those cars that are Ford, save the query with the name Ford cars.

4 Edit the previous query to visualize those that are Ford, and that have a price superior to 16000, name it Ford superiors.

5 Create a query to see the surnames and cities of those clients that have bought a Ford or a Audi, the clients should appear in alphabetical order within each city. Name the query Ford and Audi clients.

6 Close the database.

Exercise 2: Clinic

1 Open the Clinic database from My exercises folder.

2 Create a query to see the surnames, addresses, and date of birth of those patients who were born before 1960 and whose postal code is 78767, name the query: Patients from 78767.

3 Create a query to see those patients whose admittance date was before the 12/31/98, their surnames, date of birth, admittance date, and surname of the doctor assigned to them as well as his speciality, save the query as Patients with doctor.

4 Close the database.

If you are unsure of how to perform any of these operations, we will explain them to you Here .



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