Unit 5 Exercises. The field properties

If Access is not open, open it in order to be able to carry out the following exercises.


Exercise 1: Distributer

1 Edit the structure of Clients table in Cars database using the following data:


Field name Properties
Client code It is not possible to introduce clients whose code is not composed of values between 1 and 3000.
Client name Size: 15
Client surname Size: 30
Client Address Size: 30
Client City Size: 15
Client Postal code Size: 5, only allows 5 digit numbers.
Client State

Size: 15

By default the value is: TX, as most of our clients are from this state.

Client Phone Size: 10 with telephone Input Mask
Client birth Format: Short date


2 Try to change the code of the first client to 3500:

Observe how we are not allowed to as the validation rule has not been complied with, and the message you typed is displayed.

3 Answer OK and leave the code as 100.

4 Test all the rest of the properties that we have included.

5 Edit the structure of the Sold Cars table.

Field name Data type
License Size: 7
Make Size: 15
Model Size: 20
Colour Size: 12
Price Numeric currency format
Extras installed Leave as is


6 Close the table saving changes.

7 Close the database.

Exercise 2: Clinic III.

1 Edit the Patients table in the Clinic database following these indications:


Field name Data type
Patient code Integer
Patient Name Size: 15
Patient Surname Size: 30
Patient Address Size: 30
Patient City Size:15
Patient Zip code Size: 5
Patient Phone Size: 10
Patient Birth Format: Short date


2 Edit the Doctors table with the following fields:


Field name Data type
Doctor code Size:5
Doctor name Size:15
Doctor surname Size:30
Especiality Size:20


3 Edit the Entries table with the following fields.

Field name Data type
Entry Room Integer
Entry Bed Size: 1
Entry Date Format: Short date


4 Close the database.


If you are unsure of how to carry out any of the exercises, Here we will explain them to you.



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