Unit 12 exercise. Reports

If Access is not open, open it in order to be able to carry out the following exercises.


Exercise 1: Distributer

1 Open the Cars database.

2 Create a report to obtain a list of the clients sorted by surname in such a way that the clients of each city can be filed in a separate page.

3 Create a report to print the records of the Sold cars table, grouped by Make and sorted by Model and also extracting how many cars have been sold of each make and how much do they cost, and print it.

4 Create a report with which to print the records of the Services table, and print it.


Exercise 2: Clinic

1 Open the Clinic database.

2 Create a report to print the Name and surname of each patient as well as their Entry date and surname of the assigned doctor.



If you are unsure of how to perform any of the operations in the previous exercises we will explain them to you Here.



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