Step by step exercise. Modifying a data table.



Practise the procedures for modifying the design of a table with Access2003.


1 If Access is not open, open it to be able to carry out the exercise.

2 Open the Classes.mdb database, found in My Documents in the hard drive.

We are going to modify the structure of the Students table:


Field Properties
Student Surname

Introduce the commentary Type the Student surname


This field does not exist, add it and it will allow us in unit 6 to make the relationship between the tables Students and Courses.

Data Type:Number


This field does not exit, add it and we will use it to practise creating and erasing fields.

Data Type: Text


3 Select the Students table by clicking on it.

4 Click on the Design button in the Database window.

5 Click on the Description column of the Student Surname field.

6 Write the text Type the Student surname.

Now we are going to add the Course field:

1 Click on the Description column of the first empty row (below Date of Birth).

2 Type Course.

3 Press ENTER key.

4 Drop down the data types list and select Number.

3 Press ENTER key.

Now we will add the Auxiliary field.

1 In the next row of the grid type Auxiliary in the first column. As the field is Text we have finished with its creation.

Now we will erase the Auxiliary field.

1 Click on the row corresponding the field Auxiliary so as to position the cursor in this field.

2 Click on the button on the toolbar.

The field will dissapear.

As we have now finished with the design of the table we will now save it.

3 Click on the Save button on the toolbar and close the window.


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