Step by step exercise. Create, open and close a database.



Practice the procedures to Create, open, and close an Access2003 database.

1 If Access is not open, open it to be able to carry out the exercise.

2 If the task panel does not appear on the right, open the File menu and select the option New, or, click on the New button on the toolbar.

3 Click on the option Blank database on the control panel.

A dialogue box will appear where we need to assign a name to our database.

In case of having in the box Save in: the folder My documents, omit step 4.

4 Click on the button that appears on the left side of the dialogue box.

Observe how in the box Save in: now appears the folder My documents.

5 In the box File name: write the name we want to assign to our file, Classes.

6 Click on the Create button.

Observe how we now have a new database called Classes, but at this moment it is still empty.

Now lets suppose that we no longer want to work with the database, and so we will close it now.

7 Open the File menu.

8 Select the Close option.

We are now going to open the database created earlier, and so instead of selecting the option Blank database we select Open existing.

9 Open the File menu and select the option Open...

Or, click on the Open button on the toolbar.

The dialogue box Open will appear.

10 In the box Look in: we should have the My documents folder, if this is not the case click on the My documents button or find the folder in the drop down list from the Look in box: and select the My documents folder.

Now all the information about this folder will appear in the lower box.

11 Click on the file we wish to open, Classes.mdb

12 Click on the Open button.

We can summarize steps 11 and 12 by double clicking on the Classes.mdb tab.

As we have finished the exercise we will close the database using a different method.

13 Click on the Close button in the database window. If we click on in the outer window we will also close Access.

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