Step by step exercise. Creating reports with the wizard.



To practice how to create reports with the wizard.

Open the Classes database.

We will start by creating a report to see the data from the Students table, we will use the reports wizard for this.

1 Position yourself in the Reports tab of the Database window.

2 Double click on the Create report by using wizard option.

3 Select the Students table from the Tables/Queries box in the first screen of the wizard.

4 Click on the button to add all the fields to the report.

5 Click on the Next button to go to the wizards next step.

If Access has selected Course field, remove it from the grouping list clicking on .

6 Click on the Date of birth field to select it.

7 Click on the button to group by Date of birth.

As we have selected a Datetime type field the wizard has grouped by month, we will now change this option to define the grouping by way of year of birth.

8 Click on the button.

9 Drop down the Grouping intervals box of the date of birth field.

10 Select the Year option.

11 Click on the OK button. We go back to the wizard's window.

12 Click on the Next button.

We will now now make it so that the students of the same year are sorted by surname:

13 Drop down the box 1 corresponding to the first sort field.

14 Select the Student surname field.

15 Click on the Next button.

16 Leave the Stepped option activated as the report's layout.

17 Click on the Next button.

18 Select the style of the report option you like most.

19 Click on the Next button.

20 Type the title as List of students by year.

21 Click on the Finish button.

22 Save the changes and close the report.

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