Step by step query. Delete queries



Practice the procedures for Creating delete queries.


Exercise 1.


We are going to create a query to delete all the courses that we added in the previous exercise (they all have a code greater than 100).

1 Open the Classes.mdb database.

2 Position yourself in the Queries tab of the Database window if not already there.

3 Click on the Create query in design view option.

4 Click on the Courses table.

5 Click on the Add button.

6 Click on the Close button to close the dialogue box.

We will now add the fields that we need to define the search criteria of the records to delete.

7 Double click on the Course code field.

8 Write > 100 in the Criteria row.

9 Drop down the button on the toolbar and select the Delete query option.

10 Observe how Access has put Where in the Delete: row.

11 Click on the Datasheet view button check the rows to be deleted (we will only see the course codes but the entire row will be deleted).

12 Click on the run button to delete the records.

13 Close the query, naming it Delete courses.

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