Step by step exercise. Make-table queries



Practice the procedures for Creating Make-table queries.


Exercise 1.


We are going to create a new query with which to create a new table with our students from Las Vegas.

1 Open the Classes.mdb database.

2 Position yourself in the Queries tab of the Database window.

3 Click on the Create query in Design view option, or click on the button and select Design View before clicking on the OK button.

The Show table box will open next.

4 Click on the Students table, this way it will remain selected if it was not already before.

5 Click on the Add button.

6 Click on the Close button to close the dialogue box as the query will be based on only the Students table.

We are going to add all the fields.

7 Double click on the students field * to select all the fields in one go.

8 Double click on the City field in order to add it to the grid so as to be able to indicate the search criteria.

9 Type Las Vegas in the Criteria: row to form the condition: City = 'Las Vegas' .

10 On the Show row uncheck the verification box of the City column so that the city does not appear twice (its already included in students.*).

Now we have the query with which to obtain the data to save in the new table.

11 Drop down the button on the toolbar and select the Make-table query... option.

12 Type the name of the new table as Students from Las Vegas. Remember that you can not have a query with the same name..

13 Click on the Ok button.

14 Click on the Datasheet view button to check the data that will be saved.

15 Click on the Design view to return to the design view.

16 Click on the run button to create the new table.

17 Close the query and name it Create Students from Las Vegas.


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