The field builder.

The Access2003 field builder is an utility that allows us to create fields by choosing them from sample tables and without having to define them.

The field builder is activated by clicking on the button in the design view of a table.

Next, the Builder will require us to choose a field from a sample fields list, helped by the following window.

Firstly, we need to select the sample table, choosing either Business or Personal. Once a the type is chosen, the list of sample tables will appear on top with all the tables that Access has predetermined for the kind of table selected.

From the Sample Tables list select one that contain the field that we wish to create. On choosing a table we see that the Sample Fields list changes.

Select the field that we wish to create, and finally, click on OK.

The Field builder will have created a field in the way we indicated, containing the type of data and properties contained in the field in the sample table.

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