2003 free tutorial. Basic concepts

Basic concepts

A database.


A database is a group of data that are organised for a predetermined use, and together with the programs that are used to administrate this data is known as Data Base Management system.

Access2003 databases have a .MDB extention so that the computer will recognise them as such.pa

Almost all database management systems store and treat the information used following the Relational DataBase model.

In a relational database model, data is stored in tables.

The tables store information about one subject, like clients, or orders made by each of these clients; the tables relate in such a way that from the data in the clients tables we can then obtain information about orders made by these clients.


Data Tables.


A data table is an object defined as, and used to, store data. A table contains information about a specific subject, which could be, as we saw before, clients or orders.

The tables contain fields which store the different data e.g client name, zip code, address,...

The combination of fields of the same object is known as a record or row, so the various fields of one client form a record, all the fields of another client form another record,....

If we consider a possible database of a company, a CLIENTS table could be:




  Code Name Surname Address zip code
Record 1 1 Garry Grand 23 Sunset street 46723
Record 2 2 Louis Amstrong 34 Major street 46625
Record 3 3 John Bill 56 Valle street 46625
Record 4 4 Mary Winter 67 fields street 46521




A query is an object that provides a personal view of the data stored in existing tables.

Various types of queries exist to select, update, erase data,...., but for now we use them to extract from the tables the data which complies with certain conditions.

For example, we will be able to create a query to obtain all the information about clients who have the zip code 46625.




A form is an Access2003 object designed to introduce, view and edit the data in the tables.

There are various types of forms, but the most commonly used is the data record form for the introduction of the different clients in the CLIENTS table (for example).



A report is an Access2003 object designed to format, calculate, print and summarize the data selected in a particular table.

A report is generally used to print data.




A data access page is a special type of Web page designed to see data and work with it on the Internet or via an Intranet. We will cover this subject in a more advanced course.



A macro is an Access2003 object that defines in a structured form the actions the user wishes Access to carry out in response to a determined event.

For example, we can create a macro to open a report in response to the selection of an element in a specific form.




A module is an Access2003 object that contains personal procedures that are encoded using Visual Basic.

Programming in Access will be treat in a more advanced course.

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