More ways to open a database

Dialogue box buttons New and Open.


When the dialogue box File New database or the Open database box are opened, various buttons will appear at the top. We will now explain these to you:

This button allows us to go back, in other words, return to the previous folder. It will only be available if Save In: folder has been changed previously.

This permits us to return to the previous level within the file tree. For example, if we are in My documents, and this is placed in the C-drive, it will go directly to C.

This allows us to search the web using Microsoft search.

Allows us to delete the selected archive from the list.

 This allows us to create a new folder within the already open one. You will then need to specify a name for the file too.

This allows us to change the way we visualize the files. Right click on the button and we will choose between:

Tiles: the archives are seen as large buttons.

Icons: the archives are seen as small buttons.

List: to see only the names of the archives.

Details: to see as well as the name, the size, type, and date of editing of the files contained in the folder.

Properties: so that a series of properties of the file appears on the right side of the box, depending on the file selected.

Preview : so that the selected archive will appear in the right hand side of the box.


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