Intelligent Menus.

These menus have an "intelligent" behaviour that adapts to each user.

How do they work ?

Inicially, when we open Access2003, the menus only contain the most frequently used commands, instead of all. In this form they are much simpler.

To access the rest of the commands, you will need to place yourself over the last button and the entire menu will appear, whilst the command that did not appear at first will appear lighter in colour.

If we carry out this command over the View menu, it will extend; if we choose the option Small Icons, the next time we open the View menu, we will see the Small Icons command incorporated.

Thats to say, once using a command that is not contained in the opening menu, this command will be incorporated as from that moment in the menu.

This behaviour is designed to simplify the use of the drop down menus, and in this way only the most frequently used commands, and those used most by each particular user will appear, instead of a long list of hardly used commands.

If we decide though, that it would be more comfortable to have all the options included, all we need to do is go to the Tools menu, Customise, click on Options, and check the Always show full menus box.

On this same screen, should we choose "intelligent" behaviour for the menus, we can also activate the box Show full menus after a short delay, so that the full menu drops down without having to press the last button.


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