Unshowing confirmation messages

As we have already seen, Access will advise us of the changes made when we run an Action query so that we can cancel the operation if we choose. On occasions these messages will not be necessary and if we want, we can configure it so that we are not asked for confirmation.

We can achieve this by changing the Access options.

For this we will need to drop down the Tools menu and select Options...

The Options window will appear, click on the Edit/Find tab.

In the Confirm section we can:

Activate or disactivate the Record changes messages, these are the messages that appear when it is about to

delete records

edit records

append records

insert into a new table


Activate or disactivate the Document deletions messages, messages that appear when objects are deleted from the database (tables, queries, forms,...) e.g:


Activate or disactivate the Action queries messages, messages that appear when we open an Action query from the database window, e.g:

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